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s02e20 - The Crossroads of Destiny

Johnny Storm and Captain America did team up at one stage - I do believe it was to fight Nazis.




# still the best moment in a tv show ever


girls don’t like boys girls like space travel and natalie dormer 


youre gonna look so goddamn cool


The first time I saw this amazing Misfits sex love sensual scene between Alysha and Simon, besides being super turned on, I was really touched and almost wanted to cry of excitment and happiness. Apart from the plot/suspens/climax, it took me little time to understand why it moved me so much.

Certainly, there is the tension, the palpable hesitation, the shared looks, well, eventually a credible moment between two beings.

Indeed it’s a beautiful interracial scene. (I definitely don’t like that word, but sometimes labels are there to be used, even if they come from porn niche). By the way the whole Misfits show could be applauded heartily just for including a realist and appreciable diversity of protagonists (and some very enjoyable thoughts on gender too and how people are treated according to the stereotypes).

But most of it, more mundanely, it’s because that was the only second time I was watching a (beautifuly shot) cunilingus scene on a tv show. Ok, maybe I don’t watch lots of tv shows. Anyway. I was touched cause it’s one of that rare case of sex scene which is not just a cheap POV of some male character taking his pleasure from a hot girl. It was a sweet and shy guy focused on giving pleasure to his girlfriend. Rare on tv. So. Huge turn-on. Big applause. And also, because the way the scene is shot is not focusing only on how hot Alysha is (and goodness she is though !) but on how darn-attractive Simon is also ! In my boat, all straight, lesbians, half-or-total-dykes and gay guys around confessed how they were all lusting after Simon’s marmoreal hairless shoulders, so, deal with it, Iwan Rheon, your Scottish fold’s puppy eyes got all the lads and lasses in your yard. But I’m getting a bit carried away ; if you look closely, there is no obvious nudity on the scene, where Misfits had us used to trashier and/or hilarious sex scenes, except from Simon. In my opinion the fact Alysha is keeping her bra on isn’t random at all. 

So. Thanks for avoiding to solely objectify once again a young woman, and to realize that maybe the audience would be happy to see something more realistic, and thanks for that beautiful scene I could appreciate without the usual neon words sexism, phallocentrism and male gaze blinking in my head.  

"I gotta say, I love being a part of this family."